Matt Tolfrey Reveals Why He’s Hooked On Latin America

Oblack founders Los Pastores join Davide Zeta’s Decay Records this July with three original cuts with Leftroom founder Matt Tolfrey providing a remix for the EP.

Matt Tolfrey. Thank you got joining us. Your career stems back to when you were a young age. At what point did you being DJing and producing music?

I got 1210’s for my 18th birthday and it all went from there really.  I got a regular gig at a bar in Worcester on a Sunday which ended up being really good as quite a lot of people popped in still up from the night before!!!  I was a late starter to producing as it doesn’t come natural to me as well. I find it weird nowadays that you are expected to be able to play records and make music, when the two are completely different. A lot of DJ’s can’t produce and a lot more producers can’t DJ.

How and where did your career start?

I think it felt like my career really started when Leftroom was born in 2005.  It all felt a lot more serious then, and I was fully addicted to music by then.

You’re a busy man being the label manager for Cuttin’ Headz, Play To Win, Asylum Confidential and your own Leftroom as well as the DJ schedule you stick to, do you have any pastimes away from it all?

I have a 3-year-old daughter called Beau that is a breath of fresh air, time really disappears when I am with her.  I also consider myself to be quite a chef, I know it is going to be good if I cook it!!!

Seth Troxler himself said ‘Matt Tolfrey, the last great British DJ.’ What are your thoughts on the current UK electronic scene?

I don’t think Seth had met Ben UFO when he said that!!!  I think the scene is healthy again at the moment.  I’ve actually just signed an EP from London based Casey Spillman who is only 21 and it is amazing… Scenes always go around in circles, it’s actually quite exciting when it gets a bit stale because you know something special is just around the corner.

You’ve recently released on Hot creations with ‘Americas.’ This is your first release on Lee Foss and Jamie Jones’ imprint, how did you get involved with them? Can you tell use the inspiration behind the release?

I’ve known Jamie for 13 or 14 years, he actually has released on Leftroom under the alias ‘J-Mode.’  I’ve also know Lee for a long time and was fortunate enough to play at one of his old loft parties he used to throw in Chicago.  The EP is dedicated to my residency at Bar Americas in Guadalajara where I play Friday and Saturday of the same weekend 3/4 times a year.  I absolutely love playing there as there are no boundaries or expectations.

We’ve been listening to Los Pastores upcoming ‘Reminder’ EP with a remix from yourself. How did you get involved with that? What was the thought process behind the remix?

Again I’ve known label boss Davide Zeta since I moved to London so when he asked me if I’d be interested in a remix for the label I didn’t hesitate.  The remix came together very quickly; I can often tell immediately from listening to the originals of a release if I can remix something.

This year alone you’ve played in the UK, Ecuador, Mexico and the US. How do they all compare? Do you have a favourite?

My three favourite places to play in the world are fabric for obvious reasons, Bar Americas that I mentioned before and Lost Beach in Montanita, Ecuador.  The sound system there is out of control and you can end up DJing for days in the soundproofed cave!!!

What can we expect from you and Leftroom towards for the rest of 2018?

I’ve just signed an EP to Snatch! with Lee Curtiss that’s proper dancefloor material.  Then I have quite a few remixes coming as well as the Rework and Los Pastores already mentioned.  There is Coco Da Silva – Saudade on Kismet (one of my all-time favourite tracks), Tiger Stripes – Jack My Yun on Hot Creations, Daniel Sanchez – Cabagroove on Cachai, Shaun J Wright and Alinka – Falling For You on Twirl and Javi Bora – Cannibal Show on MOAN. Leftroom wise we have the re-release of Rework’s “You’re So Just Just” with remixes from Johnny AUX, Christian Burkhardt and myself.  After that is the Casey Spillman EP.  An Adam Curtain EP with remixes from Luca C and Rob Paine.  And I’ve just signed a No Regular Play EP coming with a Doc Martin Sublevel Remix and Dub.

Los Pastores ‘Reminder’ EP (incl. Matt Tolfrey Remix) is out on Decay Records on 27th July 2018.


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