Thai first lady of techno Nakadia drops her debut on Intec

Nakadia is a Thai artist who has showcased her sound on labels including Filth on Acid, KD Music plus Bedrock, and she is soon to drop her new release on Carl Cox’s Intec.

Playing regularly in Asia and also Europe she has an in depth knowledge of what gets a dancefloor moving, and has the skills to translate this into her own tracks.

Titled the “Acid Storm EP” both tracks on her Intec release represent the tougher side of her style which ranges from melodic tech house to thumping techno.

Techno focused, each of the two tracks on this release capture a rapturous mood combined with a dark atmosphere to create an overall sense of tension. Acid Storm does is exactly what its title suggests with the lead synth raining down a hail storm of acid.

Although track one is certainly the more peak time of the two cuts it’s the rattling percussion and dramatic stabs of “Serenity Now” that caught our attention the most, as there is certainly no serenity or tranquil mood in this slamming anthem of full throttle techno.

Pre-order the EP on Beatport from HERE

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