Oliver Huntemann Lets Fans Choose Senso Sounds’ Best All-Time Track

Fresh from releasing the stellar remix package to his acclaimed 2017 LP, Propaganda (Part 1 here & Part 2 here), label boss Oliver Huntemann has shortlisted his favourite Senso Sounds cuts and is giving you the opportunity to decide what will be crowned the label’s best track

How? By voting in this poll of course! Simply listen to the clips and choose your favourite track from the options at the bottom of this poll.

NOTE: This poll ends Monday 18th February at 17.00 GMT. One person, one vote. Use it or lose it! We will announce the winning track on Tuesday. Happy voting 🙂 

Carlo Ruetz – Don’t Know (Original Mix) – buy here

Although this one isn’t released yet, it’s very worthy to be in my Senso Sounds Top 5. Ever since Carlo sent me the track, I basically play ‘Don’t know’ in every set! The catchy bassline and a huge dark attitude makes this track just perfect!

Maksim Dark – Coordinate (Original Mix) – buy here

This one starts up slow but builds to a techno banger! As always, an on point production from our young Russian talent. What I really love is that he has a very unique style, which consistent in his productions without repeating himself.

André Winter – Voyeurist (Original Mix) – buy here

I’m still surprised how André is able to keep the level up with his productions. Whenever he sends over a pre-mastered track, it already sounds perfect. It was the same way with ‘Voyeurist’. The track is now almost one year old but it’s still a peak-timer in my sets.

Hatzler – Obsidian (Original Mix) – buy here

Another one to set the dancefloor on fire. The first two minutes give the audience a bit of time to tune in but after the first break there’s not one foot that isn’t moving to those menacing sounds and atmospheres.

Alex Stein – Maelstrom (Original Mix) – buy here

The darkness is more than strong in ‘Maelstrom’ – a fast paced, dirty, pumping, techno track! During last year’s festival season played this slammer so often to start some madness on the dancefloor. I still play it and the feedback comes in wet, when the sweat starts to drip from the club ceiling.

  • What is Senso’s best ever track?

    • Carlo Ruetz - Hypersonic EP Artwork
      Carlo Ruetz – Don’t Know (Original Mix)
    • Maksim Dark – Coordinate (Original Mix)
    • Andre Winter - Lucide Artwork
      André Winter – Voyeurist (Original Mix)
    • Hatzler – Obsidian (Original Mix)
    • Alex Stein – Maelstrom (Original Mix)


What do you think?

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