Sounds Of Earth boss Vazik talks us through hitting the label’s 100th milestone!

We have the pleasure of speaking with Vazik about the scene in Mexico city, his Sounds of Earth label and hitting the label’s 100th release…

How has 2018 been for you, what have been the highs and the lows?

So far so good! Quite hectic year with at least two gigs each weekend since the year started. I had the chance to play in Guatemala for the first time and I did a few shows in Canada as well. I just landed in Amsterdam and will be touring Europe for the next month.

What sort of scene is there in Mexico City? How does the dance music community differ from 10-15 years ago?

There is a big scene in Mexico City; you can listen to the most acclaimed DJs each weekend. Sometimes even 4 massive parties on the same day. There is also a lot of movement in the rest of the country, main cities have good party promoters and the vibe is nice almost everywhere. On the other hand, it is not as big as it should be. We still need more clubs and venues totally dedicated to electronic music. 

The vibe was great 15 years ago; it was something fresh of course. But the new generations also have many things to contribute and there are many new kids who understand the real feeling & vibe behind this music.

Where and when and how did you first get into dance music?

I was really into rock and heavy metal before I really got into dance music. I went to my first “rave” party on 1994 and I fell in love with it. It was in the “Arena Mexico”, the vibe and the music were great.

Tell me about your label Sounds Of Earth? What was the aim, the outlook at the beginning?

I have been organizing parties under the name of Sounds of Earth since 2000. Within the next years everything started to grow up. It was something a bit natural to start the label on 2007, it has always been about releasing music of my artists and people that I admire.

The 100th Compilation EP has just dropped, could you ever really imagine it could go this far from the beginning?

When I started I never thought about the 100th release, it seemed really far even a couple of years ago. It has been all about work & passion, I am really happy we made it this far.

How important is it to get real emotions in your music? Do you have to get in the right headspace before you start writing?

For me it’s really difficult to sit in the studio if I don’t have the time or I don’t find the right mood to write music. But once I get this space and mood it flows quite fast I think.

Where is your studio, is it a proper space, or can you write anywhere? Does your environment change the music you make?

I have my home studio, it´s a proper space that I have been upgrading with for years. I feel its quite decent now, and the acoustic is good as well. I work very little when I am abroad, sometimes I do some loops in my laptop but I really prefer to start from zero in my studio.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Regarding the label, after our successful 100th release, we have just had our first Showcase in Amsterdam on the 19th of October. D-Nox and Khainz joined us for a rocking night & lots of tequila.

What goals, hopes and dreams do you have for yourself and the label in 2019?

I need to find more space to do more music. My productions and remixes are getting some really cool feedback so I need to find the time to produce a bit more… It´s maybe time for an album, but I need to find the time to do it.

I have done more than 100 shows outside of Mexico, but I still need to know and play in many other places around the world.

SOE 100th Moving Forward 5 is out now! Buy it here:


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