Vinicius Honorio remixes Spektre’s new track on Respekt

Spektre has been taking over the world of techno these last few years, not only with their own music but also with the music from other artists that they sign to their label Respekt.

These days it seems that much of Spektre’s own music is released via others labels such as Drumcode, Kraftek or Unrilis, so it’s become something of a special occasion when they put out an EP on their own label.

Taking into account all of the above we are pleased to announce that the new Spektre release on Respekt is everything fans could hope for, and perhaps even a little bit more… with each of the two remixes by Loco & Jam and Vinicius Honorio also adding to the package.

Here at Change Underground, we have an exclusive first play of the “Something Inside Us” remix by Vinicius Honorio, which takes the dark vibe of the original, and strips it back to the core elements for maximum dancefloor efficiency.

Vinicius Honorio is no stranger to techno having released solo EP’s on Drumcode along with his many tracks on other labels including Octopus and Suara.

Adding his own synth stabs and atmospheric pads his remix on this release has an understated style but still packs one hell of a punch with its punchy sound and dramatic snare rolls.

The release is out on the 1st of March but you can pre-order a copy from HERE.


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