Brazilian artist Moov on Santa Catarina’s burgeoning club scene

Porto Belo based artist Moov has made his mark in Brazil’s burgeoning electronic scene, we catch up with him as he celebrates a new release this week.

1. Hello Murilo, thanks so much for joining us today, how are you?

Hello, I’m fine and very excited with this chat. I appreciate the amazing opportunity

2. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you living now and how long have you been producing and Djing?

I live in Porto Belo, in the state of Santa Catarina, one of the Brazilian centers of electronic music. I’m near great clubs, such as Warung Beach Club and Green Valley (I had the opportunity to play in this last one, elected twice the best club of the world by Dj Mag). I work as DJ for more than 10 years and started as music producer in 2014.

3. How did you get into electronic music and where did some of your earliest inspirations come from?

I started in electronic music in a very natural way, listen to this songs at home since I was a kid, and at youth I started to participate in the first electronic parties where I met some DJ friends in my hometown (Lages, Santa Catarina), and started to give my first steps on djing.

4. What were the main challenges for you when learning to produce music? What tips would you offer to new producers just starting out?

I think that my great challenge was one that happens with every music producer. It’s trying to put your ideas inside the the musical production program, make ideas to become music. My tips to new producers:  Be calm and patience, study a lot, give your best and hear lots of musics from all kind to have good references. Don’t fill your computer with pug-ins and unnecessary samples, learn to work with basic, nowadays I have done almost 100% of my productions with native plug-ins and Ableton original samples.

5. How is the scene in Brazil at the moment? Tell us about the nightlife there and do you get a chance to DJ in your home country very often?

The Brazilian scene was always very strong, at this very moment we have great national producers/djs standing out outside our country.  The night life is very energetic and where I live we have great parties every weekend with glorious national and international djs. At the moment my focus is on music production, but the gigs are happening too, in this year I managed to play in good clubs and events.

6. You’ve got a new track out this week as part of Timeless Moment’s ‘Unique Moment’ Vol. 2 collection. Tell us about it, the production process behind it and how it ended up on the label?

I’m very proud of this job and the beginning in this great label that is Timeless Moment. The track “Just Today” translates the moment of the Progressive, that I had on studio. There’s bee some months of work in more romantic and melodic tracks after the end of a relationship. Lots of feelings translated in song.

7. Timeless Moment are one of the top progressive labels out of Brazil at the moment. What makes them so special in your opinion?

I believe that one of the strongest things is the impeccable curator ship. We can see a lot of quality in the releases. Not to mention all organization and the system of promotions. In my opinion, Timeless Moment is today of the the greatest labels in Brazil.

8. What up and coming artists from Brazil should we be watching for?

We have a lot of new people doing amazing jobs around here, everyone involved in these release are promising. I highlight some friends that are doing great jobs, such as Tarter, Paulo Flotz, Obscure Shape, Dub Recycle among others.

9. What’s coming next? What can we expect to hear from you later this year?

This has been a blessed year. Great releases and excellent gigs. In November I have the release of an EP by the label Prisma Techno, a label that has been doing a great job here in Brazil as well, I’m excited with these release. The job will keep strong in the studio here, I already have some more tracks finished and others to be finished. What to wait for me?  Lot of love and more and more dedication for my work.

10. Let’s end with your current top five, what are you loving at the moment?

1) Hotte Feat Nadjara Izidoro – I Said (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment]
2) Obscure Sense – Terminal 71 (Original Mix) [Eletronic Tree]
3) Last Knigth – Reuniverse (Original Mix) [Under Tones]
4) Alex Justino – Antilophia [Steyoyoke Black]
5) Federico Lochi – Nebulosa (Cold Miles Remix) [Noir Music]

Moov has new music out now on Timeless Moment, you can purchase the release: here


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