Fernando Montes On Succumbing To The Romanian Sound

Fernando Montes’s polished grooves have been catching our attention of late. We took some time out what he’s been up to.

Hi Fernando, tell us more about you.

Fernando Montes: I’m 29 years old, from Madrid living in London, Hackney since 2013. I’ve been playing since I was 14 to 15 when I bought my first pair of decks (vinyls) that a friend sold me. Then I started into the production already 7 or 8 years, working on it almost every single day well night..heh. Rarely I produce in the mornings.

What made you get in to dance music?

Fernando Montes: My father definitely, and then my sister. My father was always playing Mike Oldfield or Pink Floyd, a part of many rock and Julio Iglesias of course. At a very early age (6) I could not going to sleep without my cassette and headphones and listen trance, progressive and that “dance” music of the moment that in Spain was very well known, mix compilations such as of Maquina Total, or Bolero mix mixed by Quique Tejada… haha In those cassettes were really good tunes!

Where was your first gig?

Fernando Montes: First time was in Pacha Madrid with vinyl of course and playing progressive and a bit of techno. I could not put the nidle on the vinyl, I was shaking like if I had Parkinson, horrible and great at the same time. The mixer was a ‘Rodec’ I remember exactly that moment.

How difficult was learning to produce for you in the beginning?

Fernando Montes: Was though/hard but never bother me honestly, a new world in front of you and you don’t even know from where to start or click but was always a challenge that never got me out from my idea of “I have to start producing my own tracks”. The best help I got that moment was YouTube, I didn’t know many people producing so was difficult to share it so basically hours and hours in front of the computer with my Ableton opened and copy every single step, taking notes.. Was great now that I think of it!

Talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Fernando Montes: ‘Petrescus EP’ inspiration comes from all the Romanian wave that it’s all over the best venues and festivals around the world. I was not the bigger fan of their style (Radhoo, raresh, Priku, Barac, Premiesku), but finally over the last two years I’ve been listening to them in live here in London and they just blew my mind. The last drop to start this EP and trying to make something similar but obviously on my way was after Sunwaves festival 2016, definitely was that moment when I decided to make ‘Petrescus’.

What’s the music scene like where you live and how often are you playing?

Fernando Montes: London is great, there is everything going on in here. There is a huge culture for the electronic music, there’s always something to do from Monday to Monday. I do not play very often, last time was on the another eagervison party at Dalston Roof Park and was like coming back home, the past years I’ve been focus in producing and also on my studies (Music Management) so I left my DJ sets apart. Ramzi, my label manager at Eagervision just brought me again to where I love to be.

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Fernando Montes: Floorplan definitely the past month I didn’t listen anything else haha. Also Dense & Pika, Keita Sano (great guy), Joris Voorn, Dubfire.

What are your go to labels?

Fernando Montes: I am currently signed with London based label Eagervision that create an ideal environment for me to develop my sound and express my ideas.

Tell us about your DJ setup

Fernando Montes: I started with vinyl and in the last few years, I have been always playing with two or if I can three decks with the USB, the third deck I used for kind of effects that I made just looping stuff. Now I’m trying the way Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Chris Liebeing and many more and I’m enjoying a lot, that’s my next set up for the future gigs! Mac + Ableton + Traktor + Push Ableton + Mixer with three or four channels.

What’s been your biggest achievement.

Fernando Montes: Releasing my first EP on Eagervision, now is a tick on my “To Do” list and I am super happy honestly. I am so proud to be part of this family and can’t wait to release some exciting music in the coming months.

What can we expect from you soon

Fernando Montes: The new hybrid set up and also more releases with Eagervision Records very soon! My next EP, Mr Cunnigham, will show a different side of my music, warm and housy.


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