Tripswitch: What’s In Your Box

With a new remix out this week Nick Warren favourite Tripswitch checks in for the latest episode of What’s In Your Box.

1. Luka Sambe – Sooti EP – Armadillo

Guy J’s new imprint Armadillo has brought us some very interesting and beautiful music in its first few releases, this one is no different. 3 pristine electronica tracks from one of my favourite artists of the moment. I’m lucky to have a release lined up for my new label onedotsixtwo from Luka and fellow Aussie Filterbear, watch this space for that soon.

2. Orsen – Through The Woods – Replug

Cid Inc’s skill as a tastemaker is evident in how the Replug sound has been shaped. This is yet another classy release that oozes quality and an understanding of the dancefloor.

3. Miraculum – Lush Garden – Slideways

Super melodic and widescreen, this one. The use of delays to create a fluttery maelstrom of sound is very much my bag.

4. Chromatics – Shadow (Madloch Remix) – white label

I love Chromatics and got very excited when they popped up at the Twin Peaks Roadhouse in The Return. Then this white label remix from Madloch dropped into my inbox and I practically wet myself. It’s a free download from the Progressive Astronaut Soundcloud so go grab it while it’s hot!

5. Resonance – Light Continuum (Live Mix) – Univack Records

Epic, dark, driving and swirly, with a great indie vocal. Melodically it’s really simple but the production and spatial treatment combine with a really heavy bassline to create something really powerful.

6. Assonances – Evals (Petar Dundov Remix) – Abstract Theory

This stunning remix is a true progressive journey which I’m still playing a few months after release. Makes my mind travel places and gives me the kind of smile that I used to get from tracks like Space Manoeuvres or Xpander. Classic.

7. Luttrell – Don’t Forget To Breathe – Anjunadeep

Another slightly older one … I’m a sucker for the big orchestral breakdown, and Luttrell has crafted a corker on this one, along with the most elegant of tribal beats. Pure ecstasy euphoria in this track.

8. Forerunners – Watercolour – Pure Progressive

Really nice momentum on this track, it’s fresh out last month but again gives me those old school progressive goosebumbs à la late 90s/early 2000s. Vive la progressive revival!

9. Anton Dhouran – Misty Mountain – The Soundgarden

Nick Warren’s Soundgarden on form again with a lush, laid back release that brings an intelligent edge to the dancefloor.

10. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Trespassing (Tripswitch Remix) – Kunai

Had to get one of mine in there! This one’s proved to be a high point in my sets this summer, and sits alongside great remixes (and the original) from Framewerk and Lonya & Maydan. Out last week on Kunai!

Tripswitch has new music out now on Kunai Records, you can purchase the release: here


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