Episode 06 | Nick Behrmann

This week our global talent search heads to Hungary, as Budapest based DJ and artist Nick Behrmann supplies our latest ‘Undiscovered’ mix

Where are you based and what made you decide to start DJing?

Nick Behrmann: I’m a Hungarian DJ / producer based in Budapest and my story of becoming a DJ started as a kid in high school but mainly making only cassette mixtapes. I had some releases under various aliases but got tired from the current scene and stopped producing. After almost 10 years of silence I started to make mixes on Mixcloud and an underground breakbeat stations DJ (llupa) asked me what about a guest mix, it started on November 2014. As a party goer I experienced how a DJ can take the audience to a journey (both positive and negative ways) and I thought it’s just like creating a new sound, a melody, it’s a form of art and self-expression if you can share you feelings through music or just give them a good time than it’s worth the effort. For me it’s like the third form of self-expression beside design and cooking.

Can you remember your first gig? 

Nick Behrmann: My first gig was a warmup set at Instant with the Breakbeat massive crew, we are doing serious nights since then with breakbeat/techno mixture night and old-school breakbeat. I’m very grateful for the guys, especially Metha for inviting me.

We heard you won a competition to design Quivver’s new label logo and are now part of the design team. What made you enter and how are things working out so far?

Nick Behrmann: Ah yes, the contest, I was a big Quivver fan maybe since ’98 I heard hid remix for Minds of Men – Brand New Day. Nowadays I still love his stuff since the “30 hits of Acid” remix and I thought why not to make him something good especially when I used to be a designer in the first place. I wanted to do something not so tech but dark and underground, and it looks like we had the same vision. It’s a great honor/pleasure to be a part of the team and right now we are on a journey to bring his new label to the core of the underground: dark and raw, maybe these are the best words to describe it.

What’s the local underground scene like for the music you play? Plus where are the best places to play?

Nick Behrmann: Ah Budapest has a lot of great places and so many good events with big names even for those who like more underground sounds. From fancy clubs to the dark underground we have everything. So many good DJs and teams even in Budapest it’s hard to follow them all. Everybody is doing their on series and making crossover nights. There is some rivalry and but luckily to the guys with whom I play are more like a family right now.

Best places? Corvin, Aquarium, Larm, Frame but there are more good places too.

Talk to us about your DJ setup when you’re performing? How would you describe your style?

Nick Behrmann: Mainly two type of sets: 4/4 or breakbeat. In the early/mid 2000s I got obsessed by Adam Freeland, Meat katie, Elite Force, Unkle and some other breakbeat artists, and I just can’t stop playing oldschool breakbeat but sometimes I find good tracks nowadays too. But I’m keep coming back to my roots of pure raw acid. Depending what event series are the actual night I’m playing i always select carefully what to play, prog house, techno or breakbeat BUT ix it’s a mixed bag I love being the DJ who turns the night from breaks to techno.

How often are you DJing?

2-3 times a month, sometimes more.

Do the promoters you know take chances on local talent? Or are they mainly booking big names?

Nick Behrmann: Luckily I work with promoters who give chance to local talents and have competitions to involve more people but they select only what they think are the best for their style so in time people can play with big names too hopefully.

How difficult is it to get promoters to take you seriously and what strategies have you used to get their attention?

Nick Behrmann: Difficult indeed, but if you are there near the scene, laying down quality stuff, promote yourself even with a conversation, and keep the attention of promoters, radios it’s a long but rewarding road.

What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

Nick Behrmann: The peoples face, sometimes even when your not feeling the right mood after leaving the decks but guys are stopping you and thanking the music that’s awesome, see them enjoying what you do is the best that can happen to you.

What’s been your biggest achievement this year?

Nick Behrmann: My own vinyl release? Maybe. Being a fix member of the We Need Undergound crew is another achievement. But the biggest achievement was to realise that there is a meaning of what I’m doing both as a DJ and as a producer.

What’s coming up next?

Nick Behrmann: Hopefully more gigs ? On the producer side I’m satisfied I have a lot of remix requests, always try to evolve and learn and try to find my inner raw style which is definitely closer than I thought. Better and more polished sounds and sets.

Finally please share with us your current top 5

Somne, Portrait (DE) – Revetment
Internacional Electrical Rhythms – War Of The Worlds
Dubspeeka – Theme 2
Marc DePulse – Hats Off
Quivver – The Rat


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