What’s In Your Box: Marcus Sur

With Marcus Sur having new music out now on Sound Avenue we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Peter Makto & Gregory S – Fagus – Marcus Sur Remix – Sound Avenue

When I listened to the starting material and the stems I immediately felt extremely comfortable. And my first impression has been proven while I was working on this remix. I just omitted some peak time elements and add some deep and rhythmic synth. Changed a little bit of the drum programming and the remix was ready. Sometimes life is easy.

Bruce Loko – The Arkenstone of Thrain – Get Physical

This track is an absolute listening pleasure. The harp, the synth, and percussions sounding ultra soft and playing a sweet melody without being slushy. For me, this is a perfect warm up track.

Fabian Dikof feat. Ann Weller – Camouflage – (Dubspeeka Remix) – Best Works Records

When I first listening to this track I thought to myself: Hmm, not much happening here and I am not sure about the vocals. Maybe I will give it a chance. But then I played the track and I was surprised by its strong hypnotic vigor. This Dubspeeka Remix is an intense and psychedelic builder and fits perfect in my set.

Amber Long, Oovation – Falter (Switchbox Remix) – Flow Vinyl

I play this already for some month and still be impressed by its futuristic superiority. This kind of synth sounds are not new to the world but in this case, they sit in the mix with confident.

Myny – Define – Solide

Define sounds like a hypnotic Caribbean mantra. Well tuned percussions, a xylophone melody loop that is killing me and a classic Detroit style vocal arrangement. Suddenly it is magic.

Nandu – The Way To Soul – Connected

This track is the perfect complement to “Myny – Define”. It speaks the same language but the groove and chords ascertain a deeper world. Forcefully demanding to dance.

Jimi Jules – Euphrasia – Cocoon Recording

I really like his style. For me, this guy is an iconic artist with a jazz musician attitude. Euphrasia has got a dense drum groove and on studded on top with scattered synth sounds.

Carlo Ruetz – Nightwalker – Rukus

What a massive peaktime track. Packed with an energetic rhythm and a razor-sharp sequence. Stroboscope not included.

Switch dance – O Amolador – Innervisions

You need a good sound system for this track. A dramaturgy like a Wes Anderson movie. Remarkable and vivid sounds. Can’t wait to hear more from Switch dance.

Taron-Trekka – Shiroi – Freude Am Tanzen Recording

Back to 2009. This track is still something special for me. Merciless deep baseline, a ruminant vocal, combined with an ultra tide clap and a meditative atmosphere ennoble this track to a timeless piece of music.

Marcus has a new remix out now on Sound Avenue, you can purchase the release: here


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