Adam Husa is making his mark on Montreal’s nightlife with Husa Sounds

Montreal native Adam Husa stops by to chat about his fast rising event brand Husa Sounds and a new release on Magician On Duty.

Hi Adam, thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit about yourself, how old are you, where are you living and how long have you been producing music and DJing?

Adam Husa: Thanks for having me! I’m 25 & Born & raised in Montreal. I’ve been I’m the field for about 5 years!

How did you discover electronic music and what led you down the path of wanting to be a DJ and producer? Where do your early influences lie?

Adam Husa: I always loved music, its a great way to escape reality.. but I never saw it as a option for a career path until i stepped foot at my first rave: montreal’s renown Bal en Blanc. Seeing that much people unite in harmony and party until the next day vibing on the same frequencies really opened my eyes to this beautiful scene. That’s when i invested in my first turntable & dived into the never ending learning experience of Sound Design. Tell us a bit about the scene in Montreal and more specifically Deep House which seems to be on a steady rise.

The deep house & techno scene in Montreal is definitely on a rise. We are lucky enough to have beautiful world renown parties like Piknic Electronik & venues such as Stereo Montreal. Montreal has its own unique touch that cannot be compared with anywhere else in the world. Montreal truly has a special place in my heart.

Tell us about your event brand ‘Husa Sounds’. It’s played to host to an incredible list of talent including Fur Coat, Luca Bacchetti, Oxia, Oona Dahl and more.

Adam Husa: Husa Sounds is 3 things: blog, music & cool parties. Since the project began in 2013, it has been on a constant rise with endless innovative ideas. It’s a great feeling to see this project grow so fast in such a unique way.

The musical vision seems quite broad which is excellent, tell us how the project began and where it’s going in the future?

Adam Husa: What started by being a simple podcast channel few years back is now also becoming a successful promoter and informative blog in the Montreal scene. We have crazy projects in line for 2018 including incredible parties in ridiculous venues stacked with talented locals & international bookings! Aside from that, Husa Sounds is slowly transitioning into a label with monthly releases on our Soundcloud; the next release will in fact be my latest original: Psychedelica. Super excited for this release, I’ve been getting incredible feedback to date! We also have the launch of Husa Sounds Stories, which are exclusive video interview of incredible artists that have taken the time to sit and discuss certain things with us. The blog is generating more and more content with the purpose of sharing the love & becoming the official hub with grade A information on electronic music. I’ve been lucky enough to have a great team working with me on these projects as of lately & i have nothing but excitement for 2018. Truly a great experience working with a team of passionate people… Looking to make the world discover what we do.

Do you see yourself taking the events outside of Montreal?

Taking our vision abroad would be the ultimate goal. I started this project with the intentions of being able to travel with it. So yes, when time comes!

You’ve got a new EP in collaboration with fellow Canadian artist Poe out this week on Magician On Duty, tell us about how the collaboration came about, your inspiration for the project and the production process behind the lead track ‘Open Waters’.

Adam Husa: This particular release actually started off when I was away on a cruise and all I had was my laptop and this beautiful ocean in front of me. This was an interesting time for me as this was completely different than my usual life; filled with events I’m hosting, deadlines, gigs, friends, etc. i was disconnected for a full week and took full advantage of that. When i got back, i asked Pōe to add his cosmic touch and take the piece to another level. We then went in studio together and had countless sessions to polish it up and there you had it, open waters, one of my favorite release to date.

I’ve been working on many projects with Pōe this year, we have a bank of countless unreleased tracks and they keep coming.

The remix on the release is provided by an excellent Toronto based artist Alberto Jossue. Was he someone you always had in mind to remix something of yours?

Adam Husa: We were thinking of who can add a nice touch to this ep we did not think twice when the name Alberto Jossue came up. We both love what he does, admire his talent and we’re super curious to know where he could take this. I’ve known Alberto for a while now and i knew he wouldn’t disappoint.

Have the growth of the Deep House scenes in Montreal and Toronto been linked in a way?

Adam Husa: I can’t say much about the Toronto scene as I only started discovering it this year

You’ve played with a long list of impressive DJs what gig or gigs stand out the most for you and why?

Adam Husa: I’m still buzzing from last weekend’s gig with Oona Dahl at Newspeak, vibe was on point, had the opportunity to play many of my tracks also so this was great! Looking forward to share the set on Husa Sounds next week!

But here’s 2 gigs that really marked me: Playing with Thugfucker and Chaim at Stereo Montreal on NYE 3 years ago & playing in the second edition of the “abandoned boathouse”. (a project launched in 2014 where we took a abandoned boat house in the suburbs and turned it into a rave for a night.)

Who was the first big Dj to support your music and how important was that moment in terms of inspiration as well as being validated as an artist?

Adam Husa: Hernan Cattaneo was the first heavy act to play my music. It was such a big milestone for me. One of my favorite artist playing my material, what else can I ask for.

Who are some up and coming Canadian artists to look out for?

Kora has been on the rise since the project launched and I can only see things getting better for him!

What five tracks are you currently loving the most at the moment?

Dreems – Milk Beach
TB – Glitter
Bedouin – Walk Away
Sweet Anomaly & Dugong – What May Come (Öona Dahl remix)
Tigerskin & Alfa State – Slippery Roads (Pablo Bolivar Remix)

What can we expect to hear from you next?

Adam Husa: I have so much material I’ve been working on while hiding from the freezing weather in Montreal, if you follow my Soundcloud, you’ll be sure to see material flowing in the next months!

‘Open Waters’ is out now on Magician on Duty, you can purchase the release: here


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