Christopher Ivor: What’s In Your Box

With Christopher Ivor having new music out now on A Must Have we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

1. Christopher Ivor – Venisaw [Manton Remix] (A Must Have)

Manton has taken my more dreamy original and really turned into a deep melodic banger. I love it, and I hope people appreciate it as much as I do.  Like any good remix, this one has taken the original track to the next level. Thanks Marko!

2. Louis Leon – Die Blaue Blume (Chapter 24)

Taken from the upcoming compilation ‘Seven Stories – Part 4’, this piece has great atmosphere, my kind of tune. It’s also pretty hypnotic and haunting. I also have a track featured on this release but this one stood out for me personally.

3. Frank Serin – Beyond (Manual Music)

Already out for a while, but that doesn’t matter because Frank has really managed to create a timeless progressive house track here. The bassline is infectious and addictive. Great work all round. Also check out the remixes on the EP 😉

4. Middelar – Uryko (iLogical Label)

This upcoming Spanish label is worth a mention because they are putting out some real interesting music. Uryko is a techy melodic affair by the label’s co-owner and has gained some great support since its release. My remix of Uryko will be out in June, so I’m looking forward to that also.

5. Rico Puestal – Rhodium (SOSO)

Strong release on Olivier Schories’ label. The whole album is really well produced, but I really like this track just because of the melodic keys that are introduced in the break. Beautiful.

6. M.E.E.O. – On The Threshold [Pallida Remix] (Re:sound Music)

This remix has great attention to detail and technique. I like the minimal-esque percussion and the track’s unpredictability also. Another great EP on Re:Sound!

7. Oppenheimer Analysis – Devil’s Dancers (Minimal Wave)

I recently bought this on vinyl, finally. Dating from 1982 this classic track was original only available on cassette. If I’m not mistaken Marc Houle had a hand in releasing it on vinyl a few years ago. I chose it for all the people who take electronic music too serious. It’s funny, melancholic, happy, sad, all rolled into one synth-pop song. A true celebration of life.

8. Goldie – Inner City Life [Burial Remix] (Metalheadz)

This already infamous remix has been discussed a lot since its release last month. Some people really don’t like it, but I love it. He’s managed to create another time-capsule in audio form, that takes me back to the early 90’s in the UK, spending days in dusty record shops skipping though stacks of rave tunes. Cheers to that!

9. Kurt Baggaley – The Same Day [Exoplanet Remix] (A Must Have)

Great to hear some real electronica being released with this EP. This remix is dubby, beautiful and deep. Away from the norm, close to the heart. Great vision. All the other mixes are top draw also. Respect!

10. Rakele Rossi & Christopher Ivor – They’ve Started Again (Armonia Music)

Last but not least, this track is from the EP ‘Paint The Sun’. It’s a bit of an old-school techno tune and always gets a reaction from the crowd. Rakele came up with the bassline and wrote most of the track, I took care of the arrangement. Rockin’!

Christopher has a new EP out this week on A Must Have, you can purchase the release: here


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