Gideon | Episode 42

Anticlub and Lessismore head honcho Gideon, has been around since the early 90s yet still continues to live for music 24 hours a day.

Hi Gideon, let’s go back in time – where have you had some of your greatest or most intensive performances

Gideon: I have played some nice venue’s like Berghain, Tresor, Awakening, Arma17, Flex etc but I must say the most intensive parties are the illegal ones I played. Getting caught by the cops, moving to another location and rebuilding the total party with the crowd in the woods somewhere else. And then playing your DJ set is something magic.

You have been active for a long time and have been leading the way for the scene in the Netherlands. What fascinates you most about electronic music?

Gideon: I got into Hardcore music in 1990 I do not know what was the trigger that fascinated me but I have been hooked on it ever since and made my way to different genres. I started dj-ing in my room in 1993 and actively dj-ing and giving parties as from 1996. Visiting a big rave in 1995 I came across a different style of music that was somewhere near techno. We started doing parties inn , we took people with busses to a secret location. This was a big success as there was not much to do in Eindhoven. After that I did many legal and illegal parties through The Netherlands, hard to say how may. The nice thing of electronic music is that you meet people you normally would not meet, that is a very nice thing and that inspires.

How did the DJ’ing change through the digital technology regarding to your set up?

Gideon: I used to be a vinyl dj, I started dj-ing in 1993, remember this like yesterday. It was a clubnight and it was raining, me and a friend took shelter under the roof of a gas station and were talking, there we decided that we were going to spin records. Until the time Final Scratch was released I was playing vinyl. Because I had so many own productions and was playing internationally Final Scratch made sense to me.

At this moment I am using Traktor but I do not set markers in it or other stuff. I like to challenge myself and try to use it like a prehistoric DJ.

Are there labels or artists who influenced you on your way?

Gideon: I think my fav artist list would be this: Darkraver, Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Dr Dre, ABBA.

You seem to have been trapped in the studio for some time. What were you working on?

Gideon: Yeah trapped, sometime it feels like this. Or maybe it is trapped in other things in life. At this moment I am working on several studio albums that will be released next year. It is taking its toll but trying to hang in there.

What else can we expect from you in 2018?

Gideon: Some releases on outside labels, some albums on Lessismore and some gigs, hopefully some crazy and wild nights.


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