microCastle’s Mitch Alexander Reveals Personal Top 10

microCastle label boss and C-U writer, Mitch Alexander shares a rare personal top 10 of the sounds he’s feeling now.

Third Son ft. Haptic – Climb to the Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix) [microCastle]

This is one of those releases that just happened. Guy is a good friend and wanted to remix this because he loved the vocal, initially it was to have a version that would fit into his sets but in the end it became a near closing track for him over the last nine months, it was something that he wanted released and we needed to showcase. Sonically mind-blowing with production details from another planet. It’s always great to work with Guy, no one has magic like he has it.

Artefakt – Entering The City [Delsin Records]

I love everything Artefakt does pretty much and this is one of my favourites from their album earlier this year. Smooth, organic techno with wonderful meditative qualities.

Patrice Baumel – Sorcery [Kompakt]

It’s nice to watch an artist on a roll and Patrice has been on one for a long time. There is something special about everything he does and his recent ‘Sorcery’ is another favourite of mine. A tough, spaced out, percussive dream of a record primed for dance floor destruction.

Cornucopia – Epathia [microCastle]

It’s pretty rare I’d reveal something that’s a ways off from coming out but here’s one which everyone already seems to know about already. Another highly sought after track from Cornucopia that’s part of a 3 track vinyl EP, get ready to fly.

Mattheis – Osi [Nous’klaer Audio]

Mattheis has been one of my favourite artists for several years now, there is something deeply satisfying about all his work and ‘Osi’ is a total burner. Pure flow and emotion, this will never sound old.

Hunter/Game – Dead Soul [Just This]

Just great melodic techno, pristine production without being offensive and catchy as fuck. One I could listen to on loop for a while and be quite content. The B-side ‘Isolation’ is equally excellent as well.

Eli Nissan – Liquid Stars [Lost & Found] 

Lovely stuff from Eli here, spacey and a touch emotive, without ever going over the top or doing anything overtly obvious. There is a brilliant vibe locked in this one.

Margot – Moderno [Hivern Discs]

Hivern Discs is a great label and any new Margot productions are always exciting. ‘Modero’ is super groovy, with a warped quirkiness to really captivate along the way and the Marc Piñol remixes are on the money as well.

Cornucopia – Letter For Poly [Tale & Tone]

Like much of the material surrounding this mysterious alias ‘Letter For Poly’ was highly sought after for well over a year. Now finally out on Hoj and Lee Burridge’s new imprint it’s distinctive in design, poignant and a perfect summer record for loads of different DJs.

Insomniac Therapy – Lurking Miami Sun (Name Does Not Matter Acid Mix) [Leporelo]

Very pleased to discover this as I was not familiar with the artist or label. Timeless, emotive techno with a lovely acid line, play this one last and send people home with a smile.


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