Andrea Cassino: What’s In Your Box?

Hernan Cattaneo favourite Andrea Cassino gives us his current top 10 faves on the heels of a new remix.

1. Ant Kronik & Sean Doron – Childhood (Subandrio Remix) – Beat Boutique

What a track and what an artist Subandrio is, every time I listen to something from him I get amazed. This remix is a celestial trip with millions of sounds crossing each other, the breakdown takes my breath away, it would be perfect for a movie soundtrack.

2. Roger Martinez – Chinguarime (Andrea Cassino Remix) – Soundteller Records

Roger Martinez is an excellent producer and I was honored to remix an artist that I admire. I was captured by the voice and I built the track all around it.

3. Andrea Cassino – Divine – Proton Music

Divine is my latest original and as usual as I do for my tracks I tried to release my feelings of this particular happy time in my life right now. Everythime I’m playing Divine live the atmospheres of the melodies create a perfect connection with the people.

4. Ale Russo – Hold (Andrea Cassino Remix) – VaronA

Both Ale and VaronA owner Luis are my friends so it was nice to work for them. The original mix is full of dark elements and voices and I tried to give the track a deep and more progressive sensibility.

5. Jelly For The Babies – Grey Matter (Danny Lloyd Remix) – Modern Agenda

What can we expect from an artist with a long experience like Danny Lloyd if not such a well made track, containing happiness and melancholy at the same time. This is perfect to close my sets.

6 – Rick Pier O’Neil – Overflow (Original Mix) – RPO Records

You can never miss a track of Rick Pier O’Neil in my sets, particularly love this remix, rich with dark, elegant sounds that I often use as a transition from a soft to a tougher track. The atmosphere that this remix creates is indescribable.

7. Jos & Eli , Sean Doron & Jenia Tarsol – Amore (Original Mix) – Parquet Records

The Israeli sound is a guarantee nowadays and Jos & Eli are real musicians, proven by their productions. Melody, darkness and energy are the elements that distinguish this masterpiece.

 8. Cid Inc. – Arcane Thoughts (Original Mix) – Replug

Cid inc needs no introduction and with this track it confirms again he’s a great talent. Playing this track you will see the madness of the clubbers with no doubt.

9. Niko Christo & Synas – Sativa (Greenage Remix) – VaronA

This remix is something incredible, every time I’ve played it the people on the dance floor are completely blow away, not everyone knows that with a dream melody you can get people jumping and jumping but this is what Greenage did with this remix.

10. Stas Drive – Kite on a Pure Heaven (Matter Remix)

I had the honor to master this remix and since the first listening I was surprised by the journey created by this track, no doubt Matter is one of the most promising artists right now.

Andrea’s remix of Roger Martinez is out now on Soundteller Records, you can purchase the release: here


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