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In today’s world of fleeting trends and players, to maintain relevancy and quality for as long as Oliver Koletzki and his Stil Vor Talent label have, is truly remarkable.

To celebrate the Stil Vor Talent’s 200th release, Koletzki has managed to call on his friends to deliver 26 exclusive tracks that celebrate his home town of Berlin. Names you’ll be familiar like Niko Schwind, Channel X, Nicone and Metodi Hristov as well as new faces like Sam Shure, Deorbiting and Kedra.

With so many great tracks to choose from, I felt it would be appropriate to pick out my personal favourites from the album.

Niko Scwind – Trust

A real dark and proggy tech number, Trust hits you right in the pit of the stomach. One of those key dancefloor tracks that takes it up a notch. The slightly acidic breakdown and drop really make this.

Pete Oak – Mörke

One of the darker moments on the release. Pete Oak takes us peak time with this rolling techy beast. It wouldn’t feel out of place in a Tale of Us or even Adam Beyer set and is made for a big system.

HRRSN – Surface

Slower and funkier than most of the tracks on the album this is a perfect warm up track. The vocal works really well on the track and the groovy bass line is super infectious. Definitely going to get a heap of plays from me.

Solvane & Prismode – Sima’s Sitar

While the whole ‘shamen house’ movement can get a bit old and repetitive for me personally, the percussion on this one stood out for me. Intricate drum patterns and a pulsating low-end keeps this really interesting and the energy rolling along nicely.

Kellerkind – Maybe

Nice rolling guitar tinged house groover from Kellerkind with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place in Pulp Fiction!

Oliver Koletzki – Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

The final track on the release, it is by far my favourite. Reminding us that not all music has to be deep, dark and melancholic, Koletzki provides the warmest, most joyous moment on the album. Beautiful keys and a happy melody, what more could you want?

A few were lucky to miss out, but no matter what your poison, there’s bound to be some absolute killer tracks on here for you.

Congratulations Oliver, you’ve done a wonderful job.


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Andrea Cassino

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