Rehmark On Getting Signed To Adam Beyer’s Truesoul

Hi Rehmark, thanks for joining us. Tell us about you. 

Rehmark: I´m 38 years old and I´ve dedicated half of my life to music. I´m from Madrid, Spain, and I’ve been producing, under different alias, for about 10 years.

What made you get in to dance music?

Rehmark: My father was a great music lover and I lived with him the birth of this passion. From then on I discovered the love for the electronic music and I decided to dedicate myself to it.

Where was your first gig?

Rehmark: It was in an After in Madrid called Circus. It was an almost magical experience. The contact and connection with the public is the best thing that music can give you.

How difficult was learning to produce for you in the beginning?

Rehmark: It was quite complex because the technology wasn´t like now, it was a combination between Software and Hardware. Even so, the most difficult thing is to find your own sound, to leave behind your comfort zone to define your sound.

Talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Rehmark: I always try to reflect my mood and emotions in every piece I do. In this case it is a fusion with my good friend Danny Serrano, who is a great talent of electronic music. We saw immediately that we wanted to fuse our visions and from that decision some tracks came up, among them this EP “Interluder State” which has been edited by Truesoul, Adam Beyer´s label. For me it is, without a doubt, something wonderful.

What’s the music scene like where you live and how often are you playing?

Rehmark: Fortunately I´m playing a lot around Europe but not so much in Spain where I play maybe once a month. Almost every gig is usually abroad.

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Rehmark: I really like Len Faki, Amelie Lens, Truncate, Andre Kronert, Charlotte De Witte, Yan Cook, Johannes Heil, Slam, SDHW Obscure Shape, Shlømo, Dubspeeka, Tensal… As you can see there are young talents and great artists.

What are your go to labels?

Rehmark: I like several labels and I hope that someday I will edit something with them. If I have to tell my 5 favorites, they´ll be Figure, Drumcode, Soma, Redkids and Exile.

Tell us about your DJ setup

Rehmark: I use USB flash drives. I always have four USB´s copies. I also have a pioneer rmx 1000 and a Boss DD-7 Delay for my setup.

What’s been your biggest achievement

Rehmark: My biggest achievements at production have been to reach labels such as Truesoul, Elevate and Waveform. All of them are renowned and prestigious labels. Fortunately, more releases, about which I can´t tell you anything by the moment, will arrive very soon edited by great labels. And at Djing I´ve been very lucky, I´ve had the opportunity to play in all continents. I´m really grateful for being able to dedicate myself to music.


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