Qbical: What’s In Your Box

Dutch favourite Qbical give us his Top 10 in support of a new EP for Manual Music.

1. Chez Moon – Midnight Love (Larse’s Full Moon Remix) || Clair de Lune records

Love the combination of the rhodes piano with the low warm bass synth, wonderful song!

2. Martinet – Tumble Down || Last Night on Earth

Such a funky time this is, very simple track but that synth/bassline funks everything up quite nicely 🙂

3. Mintz – Shin Mun (Hans Berg remix) || Exotic Refreshment

A little leftfield probably but I really dig the weird FM synth sounds in this one. Both Mintz and Hans Berg make great, great tracks. Love it!

4. Notize – Hush || EIN2

I’m really a sucker for these kinds of shuffled synth sequences, so funky! This one really takes off when the ride cymbal comes in after the break.

5. Kyodai – The Clone || Exploited

Pretty housy jam this is. Such a great groovy flow, makes you move without thinking 🙂

6. Few Nolder – One (Karl Friedrich remix) || Needwant

Big fan the whole One EP, but this remix really stands out. Starts small but builds up to a great melodic techno track!

7. Dustin Nantais – Cloak || MNL

The counterpoint between the melody sequence and the bassline works wonders, great track!

8. Sasha – Out Of Time (ft. Polica) || Kompakt

Great song with a nice oldschool drumloop that really drives the track forward!

9. Qbical – Present Day || Manual Music

Have to include my own right? Some shameless self-promo haha 😉 Anyway, really enjoyed making this song, used to be like 14 minutes long with crazy workouts on the main melody sample but distilled it all down to a more manageable track for the dancefloors, and it works wonders there 🙂

10. Tigerskin – Wanted || Dirt Crew Recordings

Have to include a classic right? Played this the other day and instantly fell in love again with that huge synth, so deep, so great!

‘Present Day’ is out now on Manual Music, you can purchase the release: here

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