Riva Starr Ignoring Genres With His House, Bass, Hiphop, Grime, D&B Imprint!

We caught up with Riva Starr earlier to chat about his new label Brock Wild, a guy who Mixmag labelled “the hottest property in house music”…

Hi Stef, good to chat mate. You’ve recently launched your brand new imprint called Brock Wild. What’s the label’s mission?

Riva Starr: I really wanted to have a label where I could express more of the bass/crossover sounds… hence we thought to launch a different imprint to explore a mixture of house, bass, hiphop, grime and drum & bass sounds 🙂

What’s the story behind the name and what made you choose it?

Riva Starr: Brock Wild was a term used in the 90’s in the jungle/d’n’b parties to describe a wild dance move so I thought it was perfect for the purpose 🙂

The label’s first release, ‘The Wickedest Sound’ EP, is out right now – does this showcase the label’s sound?

Riva Starr: Yes, it showcases part of the sound. I don’t want to have any restrictions on this label project so you will be hearing a lot of different things on it!

How often will Brock Wild be releasing music?

Riva Starr: Just when we have good releases, for now is set to release once every month / 6 weeks.

What other releases are in the pipeline?

Riva Starr: We already have releases lined-up from Shiba San, Daniel Dubb plus my edit of Induceve – Warehouse Shit (from the Dubsided days) and more….

You already run your label Snatch. How will you find time to manage both?

Riva Starr: Well I have a very strong crew that help me on both, I listen to a lot of demos really and some of them fit more on the new label so it should be fun and not stressful hopefully 🙂

Do you have any label party events in the pipeline?

Riva Starr: Yes we are doing a few but we are mainly focusing on music right now!

What if you receive a demo that you like but it’s not quite right? Do you ever provide constructive advice on how it can improved? And do you cover mastering costs?

Riva Starr: I do A&R in the old school way, I always give advice and sometimes I also help the producers with edits etc… It’s part of the package when you release with us!

Of course we cover mastering costs, we got one of the best doing it Kev @ Wired Mastering.. it’s one crucial part of the process.. having the track sounding at its best.

What’s the best way for new producers of getting their music signed to your labels, Snatch & Brock Wild?

Riva Starr: Just being original and having a rocking sound! YEAH!

C-U is a platform that’s all about supporting new talent, what’s the best piece of advice you can offer a producer when contacting your label?

1. Don’t send the track to anyone else.

2. Don’t send ideas that have been released before, we always look for original ideas.

3. Be as original as you can and don’t be afraid to try different arrangement solutions. As long as they rock the club the way we like it then it’s in!

What releases do you have coming up personally that you’re excited about?

Riva Starr: There is an upcoming remix I did for my friends Nice7 and Leon at D-Floor records, called MALANDRA JR – DANCE WARRIORS.  It’s getting played by everyone and their mothers and I can’t wait for it to be released! THIS IS FOR THE PLAYERS!


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