Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 39

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Luka Sambe – Becoming (GMJ Remix) [Juicebox Music]

GMJ makes his debut on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music this week with a remix of ‘Becoming’ by Luka Sambe. We’ve long felt the Australian is one of the more creative artists writing pure progressive house and he’s dialled in another beauty here; conveying the spirit of the original in a deeper, more atmospheric context. The vocal storyboard is incredibly captivating not to mention highly emotive. The primary wail from the original gets complemented with wispy accents while sparkling melodies add their own unique flair. The lower tempo and chunkier foundation make it great crossover material as well. Definitely one to get lost in several times over.

Li-Polymer – Phoebus (Interaxxis Remix) [Movement Recordings]

Tipping for big things, Argentina’s Interaxxis continue to impress with a great remix for Movement recordings this week. Li-Polymer’s ‘Phoebus’ gets made over into a peak time progressive groover, highlighted by a warped and intensely satisfying break that’s sure to be magic on your dance floor.

Renato – Circuits (Stas Drive Remix) [Manual Music]

Stas Drive returns to Manual Music this week following a contribution to Suara’s ‘Showroom’ #30 collection. The Ukrainian artist takes Renato’s ‘Circuits’ into pixie progressive territory with a stronger emphasis on the melodic elements while a punchier framework keeps the focus on the dance floor.

DJ Beat2 – (Nishan Lee Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings continues on a great run with a brand new EP from Dj Beat2 this week. The remixer selection is spot on with two of the progressive scenes brightest talents in Anton Make and Nishan Lee. Here we showcase Sri Lankan artist Nishan Lee who provides a darker, crunchier rendition of ‘Hail-E’s Comet’ that really shines.

Esensides – Beautiful Sad [ICONYC]

John Johnson’s ICONYC presents a gorgeous EP from Esensides this week. The lead track ‘Beautiful Sad’ grabs our attention with it’s floaty melodies, dreamy vocal elements and spacey atmospherics. A gorgeous production from the Greek duo.

SAAND – Azure (Bonaca Remix) [One Of A Kind]

The always excellent Bonaca returns to his One Of A Kind imprint this week with a remix of US artist SAAND. Deep, dreamy and with great musicality this is a production that will stand the test of time.

Analog Jungs – Inefable (Missus Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Belarus born, Spain based artist Missus makes a welcome debut on Stellar Fountain this week with a remix of ‘Inefable’ from Argentinean duo Analog Jungs. Going a touch deeper than the progressive minded original yields great results as it’s effortless groove and smooth meditative flow really hit the spot.

Ewan Rill – Deus Ex Machina (Alex Preda Remix) [Strange Town Recordings]

Alex Preda makes his debut on Canada’s Strange Town Recordings this week. The Romanian born, Netherlands based artist provides a sensational remix of ‘Deus Ex Machina’ by Ewan Rill, taking it into trippier territory led by an elastic-like, pitch shifting motif which is sure to stick with you long after the night is over.

Nicholas Van Orton – Hay Grises (Jorgio Kioris Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Nicholas Van Orton returns to Balkan Connection this week with a brand new single entitled ‘Hay Grises’. A fine selection of remixes finds Greek artist and Bloque festival founder Jorgio Kioris taking the track into more melodic territory with sweeping themes and luminous electronics. Punchy and emotive, it not only sits as a great complement to the original but is a departure from a lot of what is going on in the progressive scene at the moment.

Alberto Blanco & Nahuel Lucena – Elantris (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Soundteller Records]

Scene favourites Pacco & Rudy B make their debut on Soundteller Records this week. The Croatian duo deliver one of their finest remixes of the year with a classy rendition of ‘Elantris’ by Alberto Blanco & Nahuel Lucena. Dark and devilishly groovy, this one is primed for dance floor destruction.

Andy Weed – No Man’s Land (Reelaux 2017 Remix) [Reelaux Digital]

Reelaux Digital returns this week showcasing a brand new interpretation of Andy Weed’s ‘No Man’s Land’. Originally released in December of 2012 as part of the ‘Floating In No-Man’s Land’ EP the track stuck in the hearts of progressive music lovers all around the globe. Now revisiting this the tested classic label boss Reelaux delivers one of his finest productions to date. The soulful strums and delicate melodies translate quite nicely here, sitting perfectly on a bed of contoured bass. The addition of a third primary motif leading into the break ultimately seals it’s brilliance and the indistinct vocals and tension filled atmospherics make for a lovely energy bridge. Gorgeous remix from Reelaux and with that this classic track continues to live on.

Caleb Weiss & Sebastian Haas – Walking Towns (Nanofeel Remix) [Superordinate Music]

UK label Superordinate Music showcases new interpretations of ‘Walking Town’ by Caleb Weiss & Sebastian Haas this week. It’s the Nanofeel remix which stands out with it’s tough foundation providing great club sensibility while serene atmospherics add just the right ethereal touch.


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